How To Make "Hash"


First off, let me define this "hash" as I make it. It's actually hash oil, dissolved in alcohol, then mixed with powdered weed so it's easier to use and handle. But for lack of an official name, we just call it hash. The recpie takes a little effort, but I think it's worth it, and anyway, it's a fun little stoner activity. If you can come up with a catchy, nifty, culturally-addictive name, let me know. Maybe if we force it on people it will stick and we'll be famous. Or maybe not. Anyway, here goes...


The recipe

Quick overview:

In this recipe, you will be grinding up weed until it's the consistency of sawdust. Then you'll be mixing it with alcohol and heating the mixture to help the active ingredients dissolve. Then the alcohol is collected and evaporated, and before it's completely dry, you add weed powder to the solution, then the whole mixture is allowed to dry. Yield on this recipe is variable, but somewhere in the neighborhood of a 5:1 ratio of weed to hash. Here's what you will need...


Get on with it already! Here are the steps!:

Step 1 --- Clean your weed. Remove any major stems and all the seeds. Honestly, it's probably not a big deal, but the seeds don't grind well, so you get little annoying husks floating in your mixture.

Step 2 --- Grind your weed. Just plop it into the coffee grinder and spin away. Burst it 1-second don't want it getting hot, which is possible. Then put it in your beaker or measuring cup.

<---- Here's what it should look sawdust.


Step 3 --- After your weed is in the beaker, pour in your alcohol to a level that's about double that of the weed. Actually, I have it quite a bit higher in the picture.

Step 4 --- In your saucepan, put about an inch of water. This is just a temperature buffer so you don't boil over your mixture. Place your beaker with the weed/alcohol mixture into the saucepan and put the stove on very low. You want it to get the water and alcohol warm, but I usually try to keep the water from boiling. THC vaporizes higher than the boiling point of water, so as long as it's not boiling, you're not losing any good stuff. Technically I guess the alcohol can boil, but I usually don't...I'm always a little paranoid about that. Anyway, let your mixture bubble n' burble for about a half hour, maybe 40 minutes if you're using high-power buds. Stir it occasionally for the first 20 minutes or half hour, but you want it to settle before your next step.

Step 5 --- After your cooking time, carefully pour out the liquid off the top of your weed mixture into your teflon pan. Be careful to get as little solids into the pan as possible, although a little is okay. This will later form the "base" of your hash, making it easy to handle and smoke. Yum!

Step 6 --- Put your teflon pan with your alcohol mixture on a VERY low burner. I also use a small fan to evaporate it faster. Other options include using a large electric griddle instead of the frying pan.

Eventually, it will start to evaporate, perhaps looking like this.......


Step 7 --- repeat steps 4 and 5 twice more at least....sometimes I'll do 4 cooking stages if I'm using good bud. For each repeat, dump your alcohol into the same pan, the whole time evaporating on low heat with a fan going. This is when you may want to add some more weed powder to thicken it up a bit. And that's really the only tricky part; the consistency is a bit variable, but after doing it a couple times, you'll be a pro at it. It might look like this....

After it has dried in the pan completely, use your spoon or other device and scrape your hash off the pan.

Keep in mind that the final product still has water in it. There's always a bit in the alcohol, and it takes far longer to dry the water than the alcohol. In fact the alcohol will evaporate pretty quickly, so there's no real risk of "smoking" alcohol fumes or something. The water just makes it gooier and a little tougher to handle. Smoke this stuff like regular weed, or vaporize it for a truly transcendental experience. Other varieties include our patented Super Goo heh heh...this is hash oil mixed with kindbud chunks, and it makes this gooey fluffy deadly mixture that will floor an entire room. Enjoy!!


-Stoner Engineer


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